15 Tips to Use at Your Next Event

Lets be honest having or hosting an event is fun! Planning events is never easy. There seems to be a hiccup that can occur at the worst times…but majority of the time there is always a solution.

Remember these 5 Tips

1) Dealing with a tardy crowd plan ahead by cutting DJ cost. For the first hour or two of your event have a free music streaming system set up and have your DJ (if possible) set up early. This helps with the DJ not having to play music to an empty crowd. The walls really don’t need to dance.

2) Appetizers for those who actually come on time. Have something ready for your guest upon arrival…its just courteous! I showed up, I’m participating so feed me!

3) Book your photographers/Videographers for a bonus hour. Your event is 4 hours long, don’t ask the photographer to come in one to two hours before the event starts. Have them come in and just take pictures or run video 30 mins before the event starts. With that you will have an extra 30 mins towards the end of the event just incase! We love to be prepared…just incase. #GoodPlanning.                  

4) Always order your cakes for a lesser amount of guest. More simply said if I have 80 guest I’m ordering a cake that will feed approximately 10-15 less guest than I will actually have. Order a cake that feeds 65-70 in this case. Cakes usually come out to be big! You don’t want to have to take a whole half  of it home (I mean you do but you don’t! Lol) Plan accordingly and cut that cake at a fair size…we can all cut back on some extra sugar from time to time. If you are having cupcakes or other desserts order to the exact number of guest. (Use an RSVP list can help with this) #ALaModeMoneySaver

5) Give door prizes!! Entice your guest to get there early..make them so good it will be irresistible for them to not show up on time. It can be food or drink related, gift cards, free entry, anything that will make me feel like I just received a deal!Who doesn’t like deals??

Have a GREAT event with  these 5 tips! Don’t forget to tweet me and tell me how it went! @Ladiealamode