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Debbie Louis

Chief Event Planner & Designer at A La Mode Events

​With your big day fast approaching and the countdown clock officially ticking, it’s only natural for even the most organized of brides to begin to feel scatterbrained.

There’s just so much to do and then there’s that constant nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something… It’s also likely that you’ll have close family and friends flying in during those final weeks, vying for your undivided attention (God love them) which will only add to the pre-wedding mayhem.

Did I confirm the final headcount with my caterer? What about tip envelopes for my planner or relative to hand out? Is my big day emergency kit packed and ready to go? Do my guests know where to stay and directions to get to my venue?

Trust me, I get it. It can all be totally exhausting.

Instead of worrying about these pesky tasks, however, wouldn’t it feel amazing to just be able to kick up your feet, breathe easy, eat, drink, and be merry with your loved ones during the time leading up to your special day?

Don’t allow panic mode to set in and ruin your bridal beauty sleep! (hey, I want you to look your absolute BEST walking down that aisle!)

This video will have you feeling certain that you’re one hundred percent on top of everything, equipping you with all that you need to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. From dress fittings and makeup trials to vendor payment confirmations and transportation arrangements, no single detail will be overlooked!

So before you marry the love of your life… cross all your t’s and dot your I do’s in this informative and entertaining video, hosted by yours truly.