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Most of the time it can get tricky when trying to make decisions about what you want (DJ or Live Band, Color schemes, destination wedding or in state) but how do you really execute what you want when it comes to your BIG day?  Are you frustrated planning your upcoming event?  There are so many details and moving parts that you may not be able to keep up and often times, you just might forget.

The stress of planning a wedding or your next event is weighing down all the fun. When you should be focused on building this awesome experience for yourself and your guest.  

Are you looking for a problem solver? Do you want the ability to master your guest list? Looking to be inspired? Are you looking for someone to manage the day of your wedding seamlessly?  Are you frustrated with all the time that it is taking you to plan your wedding? Are you looking for the best vendors who will bring your visions to life?  And most of all, do you want to have a customized fun and unique event?


It’s time to stop stressing about the unreliable vendors, uncomfortable experiences, and lack of creativity stop you from moving on that event.

As an event planner that is based in NYC and that travels to multiple destinations, I can help with all of your needs from creating a vision into executing the ultimate event.


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The Wedding

YOU’RE ENGAGED! This is an exciting and fun time. However,  managing work, being engaged, encountering life and its turns it will take an average of 600 hours to plan a great wedding.

Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding take away the fun from building an awesome life with your new partner.

The days before you get married should be focused on spending time with the ones you love and getting prepared to spend time with your partner, not stressing! The Unreliable Vendors, Guest Lists, Seating charts, & RSVPs, A La Mode Events can do it all. Every bride & groom deserves the wedding that they envisioned.

When I got engaged in 2015, I couldn’t imagine anything more fun than planning my own wedding. I spent so much time working on my own wedding, that a lot of other things that I need to handle like LIFE, BILLS, MY THEN FIANCE, and MY FAMILY were all being ignored.

By working with A La Mode we will customize the logistics of the wedding and create a wedding tailored to your style.

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About Debbie

Meet our Chief Planner, Debbie!

At the early age of 5 years old, I was in my first wedding. Creating a memorable experience at any event I could put my hands on My passion grew, my excitement and talent was innate. Today I am creating complete events that match unique love stories, corporate missions, and social agendas. I prove that through a unique process that I bring all of my clients through.

Before becoming a full time Event Planner at A La Mode, I spent two years studying Industrial Organizational Psychology focusing on Leadership, Motivation and People. Soon thereafter, I became certified in Event Planning. I understand how to take charge, how to problem solve, and I am creative as well as efficient. One important factor about me is that I work well with people. When planning events for others as well as encountering potential clients.