Hey Gorgeous Bride,

This week we are discussing Bridezilla’s…

What labels you as a Bridezilla?

Do you want things to work out just the way you want it to and nothing  or no one else can take that away from you!!? – NO that’s not it.

Well that’s not a bad thing BUT if you are going MAD WOMAN or straight  HERCULES on your family…you may need a self-check.

YOU will probably want them to like you after the wedding..i’m sure of it.

Let’s dig in a little & write this out in your notebook or wedding Journal…


Who is pissing you off?

Is it worth going crazy over?

Who can help?

How can you fix it?

Is there anything YOU can do differently to change your behavior?

What calms/relaxes you?

Bridezilla’s are not bad, it’s their attitudes that may make them crazy. I think if you are nice and assertive you can zilla yourself out!

BUT if you turn out to look like this!!!!



Now let’s practice…take a deep breath and let’s try being a GORGEOUS Bride inside and outside! You deserve to be happy, dust off your shoulders and let’s try again.

Studies show that when you write and express your thoughts you relieve yourself of bottled up stress. My advice to you, journal your life away and practice self-care…take a minute to get your nails done, hair done, take a walk and smell the air, you are going into one of the biggest journeys of your life. – Take the load off, share some responsibilities with your family and best friends. Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Get in there and find that JOY!

You got this GORGEOUS!


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Here is a link to our wedding journal guide to keep you on track.

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