For those grooms popping the question, you’ll have another round of proposals you’ll need to think about — asking your best mates to be by your side as groomsmen. But it doesn’t stop there. A crucial part of planning your big day (after choosing the right cut suits, matching your tie to the bride’s bouquet, arranging a bachelor party and everything else) is deciding on gifts for those lucky groomsmen.

But don’t fret! These helpful tips from Groomsday Groomsmen Gifts will help you through the often overlooked and underprepared task of finding the perfect gift for your bros. Gift giving can be one of the most important tasks for the groom. It’s his chance to bond with his best mates and include them in one of the most important events of his life. Following the examples below you should be on your way to gift-giving-greatness. You got this!


Keep an Eye On Time

One extremely important rule to keep in mind is to keep track of the time frame needed to research, order and receive the groomsmen gifts on time. Prepare yourself by ordering your groomsmen gifts at least a month in advance, preferably two months in case anything needs sorted out. Arguably, ordering the gifts once the wedding party is confirmed would be best. This way you can stash the gifts away (one less task on the list) and put all your focus into choosing either daffodils or peonies.

Unique Gifts for Distinct Personalities

Choosing gifts that match each groomsman’s personality can be a little tough. Choosing something they will also love and appreciate is tougher! No matter your guys’ personalities, they’ll obviously appreciate any gift that you get them. But this isn’t a reason to not put in some real effort. They are after all, your friends right?

Gag gifts are fun and novelty gifts are fine and dandy, but you don’t want to see your guy’s gifts used once or twice before ending up at the next yard sale. What type of gift do your groomsmen really deserve? Something that is not only unique to their personalities, but is also well made and will add quality to their lives.

One of a Kind Groomsmen Gifts

Show your groomsmen how special they are by giving them a gift personalized to them. Whether etching their nickname into glass or inscribing an inside joke on the underside of a watch, your groomsmen will appreciate the lengths you went to create a memorable gift.

Groomsmen Gift Sets Rule!

For those groomsmen whose personalities can’t be summed up easily, you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift set. A watch and cufflinks set would go well for the fancy dresser in your group. Got a whiskey lover in your crew? A solid whiskey decanter and glass set would be swell. How about that overly-efficient corporate dude who likes to break the rules? An engraved pocket watch and flask set might do the trick.

Of course the sky is the limit with what you can put together for your bros. If you’re the crafty type you can even venture down the DIY path and whip up a homemade gift set of your own.

Bringing it All Together

At the end of the day, you know your pals and you’ve chosen them for a reason. And there’s no one else they’d rather support. With time on your side, and a great group of groomsmen to boot, you’re sure to give a remarkable, quality gift that they’ll cherish forever.