Ahhh you’re SO close you can almost taste the bubbly! While you may be saying “Bring on the bubbles!” there’s still a few lingering details that need to be tended to before you can truly bask in champagne showers. So as you approach the finish line, here’s a few final tips that will help you to not only set a new world record but wow your crowd, all while looking and feeling fabulous too!

Slow and steady wins the race

Guest list. Check! Vendors. Check! Dress. Check! Girl, you deserve a break… but be warned. While it can be oh-so-tempting to put wedding planning on hiatus after all of the major items have been checked off your to-do list, try not to procrastinate for too long, too close to the finish line. It’s important to take your time, but keep the momentum going. You’ll thank yourself for wrapping up all of those pesky little tasks at least two weeks before your family and friends are in town, ready to kick-start the festivities.

Think of ways to maximize performance

One way to guarantee you finish early enough to give yourself some much-needed downtime with loved ones is to leverage as many clever wedding planning tools as you can, including planning apps and wedding websites. There are plenty of neat planning apps for managing your budget, guest list, to-dos, registry, travel arrangements, bachelorette party… the list goes on! Technology is also your best friend with all of the customized wedding websites available that not only look pretty but also help to easily keep everyone in the loop about your big day details. FYI, I also have a handy e-journal you can check out to jot down your thoughts on the go!

Prioritize, delegate and be flexible

Even with all of that technology on your side, you still need to learn to focus on what’s most important to you and your soon-to-be, and most importantly, learn to let go and go with the flow sometimes. It can be difficult for some brides (especially if you’re a Type A personality!) to relax and allow others to offer a helping hand or you might simply feel like you’re in it alone. Even if your family or friends are miles away, it’s so important to enlist help, professional or otherwise. Also, find ways to involve your partner, even if they are a little reluctant at first! Encourage one another and be a team up until the very end and you’ll be a stronger duo because of it.

Don’t forget about you

The reason you need all the help you can get is so that you have time to do YOU. You want to look your absolute best on this very special day, and that involves some serious self-pampering. From a skin/hair care regimen and exercise routine to teeth whitening treatments and bridal beauty sleep, you deserve to walk down that aisle looking and feeling nothing short of fresh and fabulous! Be careful, however, to avoid any drastic changes too close to your big day as the last thing you want is a nightmarish-new-do or to have an allergic reaction to a product or treatment.

Don’t worry, be happy

Last but not least, don’t sweat the little things! Trust and have faith in the professionals you’ve hired to bring to life your vision, but at the same time, try not to get too caught up in the details of perfection either. You’ll be surprised at just how little your average wedding guest notices or remembers… and even if they do, who cares? You’re never going to please everyone. Keeping your mind on the bigger picture (hello, that you’re about to marry the love of your life!) will certainly help keep a realistic perspective as you approach the finish line. Enjoy each other’s company and savor this special time in your lives, and on the day, don’t forget to eat, rejoice and BE PRESENT!

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